14 farm-fresh, free-range things the internet laid for our breakfast this week

by Matt Owen
Oh, hi internet. How’re you? No, we haven’t seen each other in a while have we? Because you’ve been off with that Christopher Ratcliff, letting him round-up your innumerable electronic treats every week haven’t you? Fine, we can have a coffee, but you need to be gentle with me. I’m not sure I can stand going back to dial-up.Read the full article

Phil Neville Commentates on Game of Thrones

By @MrMichaelSpicer.

  • How Twitter killed the official movie website

    theguardian.com - 11 readers, 404 Tweets - Ali Gray: Online promotion of films used to be so simple: a few gifs and a grainy clip and you were set. Today, hashtags and social media rule. But what have we lost in the process?