Could retailers have an in-store cookie?

Find out how top retailers are using technology to bridge the gap between online and in-store technology at the Digiday Retail Summit in Deer Vally, Utah, from July 27-29. Digital retailers have long relied on tracking consumers’ movements online, and using that data to target their advertising.Read the full article


In addition to being an interactive display system, Perch is also an interactive lighting system. Perch makes it easy to show products in their best light, utilizing color and contrast to focus the customer’s eyes, right where they should be. Once a customer picks up a product, more information is revealed.

PERCH at Kate Spade 5th Avenue

PERCH enhances Kate Spade’s latest branding campaign which features a new destination every month and showcases destination-inspired products, travel and style tips. PERCH brings this content to life, giving shoppers a taste of Capri, Monaco, Rio and other exotic locations.