10 retail and ecommerce stores integrating offline with online

by Christopher Ratcliff
From the experiential (read as ‘gimmicky’) to the practical (read as ‘will become standard practice’) there are many ways that retailers can integrate their offline stores on the high street with their online ecommerce businesses. There’s lots of information on the blog already about digital technology in retail and a lot of it really should be thought of as the norm by now.Read the full article

Sportsgirl Augmented Reality app

Sportsgirl are a fashion saavy, eclectic and innovative fashion giant in Australia. Through their creative attention to brand, and designing unique products, Sportsgirl are trendsetters in the fashion landscape.

Titled ‘Sportsgirl Explore’, the Augmented Reality app integrates with Sportsgirl magazine ‘The Daily Us’, and gives users a creative brand interaction in-store. IE & Sportsgirl worked collaboratively on the end-to-end production of a groundbreaking in-store experience.

While working on the full eCommerce site for Sportsgirl the AR app proved to be a nice accompanying piece in Sportsgirl’s digital suite. While fully scoping the app, a central UX target was to provide easy linking between Sportsgirl’s other digital assets, like online store and social. IE ensured that the mobile site, online store and all Sportsgirl branded digital media were included. IE rolled out the project on time, as the release date had to coincide with the magazine launch.

The custom built app has provided regular customers with a new form of brand engagement. The Sportsgirl ‘girl’ is now given content that comes to life in-store, with beauty tutorials, song downloads and product information featured.

In the first two weeks of the app’s launch, over 3,500 downloads were made, which successfully gave Sportsgirl their first app experience in the market. The integrated mp3 song was downloaded by over half the app users within the first two weeks.

Create 'mini me' models of you and your family at Asda!

We're trialling an exciting new service -- offering you the chance to pick up a detailed 3D printed miniature version of you and your family while you're doing your weekly shop! In a UK supermarket first, we're trialling the pioneering technology at our York store from Tuesday (October 15) and prices start at just £40.

Amazon Dash - Shopping made simple

More info: http://fresh.amazon.com/dash?ref_=youtube_dash_1

Nike Action

In nine Australian and New Zealand skate and surf stores, Nike has transformed the definition of "in store user-experience" with its Nike SB interactive shoe walls. The solution is essentially what many brands are talking about, but few have successfully implemented.

Nike’s omni-channel aspirations were brought to life by developing an interactive in-store experience for Nike SB using RFID technology, tablets and banks of TV screens.

Since the first store launch, sales and product engagement have increased significantly. It has been rolled out across Australia and New Zealand in the first half of 2013.

The installation consists of a shoe wall with integrated display technology (TV screens and iPads) that uses RFID technology to display content specific for that product. Ambient video content and brand messaging are displayed on TV screens when there is no customer engagement, which creates a dynamic environment to attract consumers.

The system was designed for flexibility. It allows components (e.g. video wall size) to be scaled up or down to ensure that consumers across Australia are able to enjoy the experience regardless of the retail stores physical limitations.

If the customers desired size or style is not available in-store, or they are simply not ready to complete the purchase at that time, the customer can select to have their desired product sent to them via MMS or email , or using QR code go direct to purchase it on the nike ecommerce store.

Nike Tech Pack and Hypervenom

In May of 2013, Nike released their latest brand of footy boots and fleece wear apparel – the Hypervenom and tech pack products. For Hypervenom, branding was to represent a ‘new breed of attack’, for aspiring footballers. Tech Pack – Nike’s latest revolutionary polar fleece - was as light as a normal shirt, but as warm as a jumper. Nike Australia launched a pop-up store in Sydney and Melbourne that enticed football fans from all states.

In a shipping container, we were able to share a digital first with the public. The site of Stadium Australia in Sydney and Federation Square in Melbourne gained foot traffic from the sporting events nearby, with lots of excited Nike fans.

Inside, customers were treated to an interactive experience, with the first ever ‘react-table’. Shoppers could rotate a cube on the table surface to drive the information they saw about the Hypervenom shoes or Tech Pack fleece.

For the ‘react-table’ we installed a modified PS-Eye camera (with an added infrared filter), which was bolted to one side of the table. A projector was bolted to the other side (pointing down on the floor), and a mirror on the floor of the table was installed to throw the projection upwards in order to cover the entire table surface.

On the surface of the table was a slab of endlighten (perspex) with an infrared LED strip lighting around the outside edge. When illuminated, this enabled the cube movement to be tracked by the IR camera to control the on screen interface.

A photo app on an iPod touch was used to take pictures of the customers in their Tech Pack gear and send it directly to their phone for them to post to social media. Hashtags, tweets and Instagram posts were used for social engagement. With over 5000 visitors in the space, the shipping container was the place to be!