The Best Landing Page Creation Tool For Bloggers

by John Chow
Landing pages are critical to your business. When done the right way, they can dramatically increase your email list, attract new leads left and right, and even triple your sales. The key phrase, of course, is “when done the right way.” Because guess what? It’s really easy to do landing pages and lead generation the wrong way. The way that keeps your opt-in rates stuck in the single digits.Read the full article

Lead Magnet Delivery - How To Deliver A Free Report Or White Paper After Opt-In Lead Magnet Delivery - How To Deliver A Free Report Or White Paper After Opt-In Hey this is Jeff Wenberg from LeadPages. It's been said that Content is King, and we found this to definitely be true. What was often unsaid is a giving away free content is the fastest and easiest way to grow your audience email list of newsletter subscribers, however this is often a pain in the butt. For example let's say on one landing page you're giving away a free mp3, on one landing page are giving away a free report, and on another landing page are giving away a video. For each of these pages typically you have to create a new list, create a new form for the list, and then create a follow-up email that delivers the mp3, free report, or the video. So for each of these pages I just mentioned you have to go through this process individually for each page. It could easily cause confusion and make for a lot of extra things to keep track of. Lead Magnet Delivery - How To Deliver A Free Report Or White Paper After Opt-In But what if each of these pages sent everyone to the same email list, and you didn't have to set this up for every page where you wanted to give something different away like in our previous example. Now you can do this in LeadPages. You create a page, select what list people should be added to, and tell LeadPages what bribe should be given away when someone opts in on that page. Let me show you how to easily set this up inside of LeadPages. Go to the landing page you're using, and select the opt in form integration section. Select the list you like to add people to, then turn on digital asset delivery, then select the thing that you want to give away when someone opts in on this page. For example, I've uploaded a free report, a free video, and a free mp3 interview to my LeadPages account that I can assign to be given away when someone opts in on this page. Once this is a set up when someone opts in on this page, they'll get an email from LeadPages giving them the bribe that you just selected as well as any other emails that you've set up with your email service provider to send out when someone signs up for your list, such as double optin confirmation emails or welcome emails. Lead Magnet Delivery - How To Deliver A Free Report Or White Paper After Opt-In To add a file to give away with your landing page, under the My Account app go to the digital asset delivery section and then just upload the file that you want to give away. And you can give away virtually any type of bribe; zip files PDF's, free reports, entire courses, videos, mp3's and so on. Again that means that when people opt in to this page they were added to the house list that you've created but they're sent the bribe you just selected. It makes it super easy to send your consumer base all kinds a great things. Our co-founder Clay thing thinks this is probably the biggest feature we've released in the last six months. We're really excited about this new feature, and can't wait for you to start using it. If you have any questions please type them in the comments section below. Thanks for watching. I'm Jeff Wenberg, and take care.

The World's Best Landing Pages (And How To Find Them) The World's Best Landing Pages (And How To Find Them) Hey this is Jeff Wenberg from LeadPages. We just added the biggest feature in the history of LeadPages. Inside LeadPages you can now search two different types of pages not only by name but you have the ability to sort them by their optin rate. This means that when you sort pages by optin rate, the highest converting pages appear first. This is something that no other landing page platform or conversion rate optimization tool allows you to do and it gives you the confidence of knowing that you're using the highest converting pages that exist today. Y The World's Best Landing Pages (And How To Find Them) You can find the highest overall converting pages in our system by sorting all by optin rate ,or by sorting the different types of pages by optin rate, so for example if you were going to host a webinar and you're gonna set up a webinar registration page, you could sort by optin rate to see which page is currently converting at the highest rate. You can see that the webinar page from James Schramko is currently converting at the highest rate, followed by the webinar 2.0 page, all the way down to the lowest converting page, the webinar registration page with video. The World's Best Landing Pages (And How To Find Them) We are collecting average conversion rates for pages, so your performance may vary. Unlike other landing page platforms where this is left to chance, using the sort feature allows you to have confidence that you're sliding the highest converting version of the type you're looking to create in our system. The World's Best Landing Pages (And How To Find Them) This is like when you're on Amazon and let's say you're not sure about what type of point and shoot camera you want to get. Its sorts them by the most popular cameras to give you certain amount of confidence that this would be one of the best cameras to get in this category because a lot has been sold we think that this is gonna be huge for our users again this is something that no other landing page platform or conversion rate optimization tool offers. This is just one of the reasons why LeadPages is a leader. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below. I'm Jeff Wenberg, have a great day!

[Feature Update] One-Click Facebook Registration = Getting Your Users' Best Email Addresses

You asked for this, and now it's here. For months now, our customers have been asking for an easier way to allow their fans to join their list from inside Facebook. As of today, I'm thrilled to announce that you can now ask Facebook fans to join your list -- with a single click. Also, in this video... Why this new Facebook feature makes it easier than ever before to secure your prospects' best email addresses. The fastest ways to start using this new Facebook feature on your existing LeadPages (and LeadBoxes). How mobile devices treat this new Facebook feature (and why it still allows your prospects to join your list regardless). ___________________________________ Well, hello. Take a selfie, post that on Facebook. When we released LeadLinks last week, we asked people to guess what they thought the release would be. A lot of people guessed some sort of Facebook registration is what we'd be releasing when we announced our huge release of LeadLinks. Now we can see why. Facebook has over 1.3 billion active monthly users making it the biggest social network out there. On average, about 48% of those users log into Facebook every day and this number is huge. We actually wanted to give you that 1-2 punch. Last week, we released LeadLinks and there's a link below this video to the post where we announced LeadLinks and what it is and this week we're releasing a feature that allows Facebook registration with your LeadPages and LeadBoxes. So this means with Facebook registration is enabled on a LeadPage like this and someone comes it, if they're logged into Facebook already, they'll be able to opt-in just by clicking register. Or if they come to a LeadBox like this, again they'll be able to opt-in just by clicking register if they're already logged into Facebook. This also works with multiple form feeds so if you wanted to collect, name, address, phone number or a whole bunch of other fields, you can do that. What's great about this is number one you're getting the user's best email address because usually people log into Facebook with an email account they use daily. Number two, it can also increase your conversion rates because the field is pretty populated. We've seen split tests where use of this increase conversion rates and we've instances where it decreases. It all depends on the market you're in, the traffic source and so on. We encourage you to split the result and find out what works best for your audience. Now if you do get a statistically significant split test, do let us know so we can feature you on the blog. Facebook registration can be enabled on all templates that support multiple form fields and it works with LeadBoxes. Now you might be wondering what happens if someone comes here and they're not logged into Facebook, well let me show you. I'm going to log out of Facebook here real quick and now when I'm logged out, when I come to the same opt-in page and click on the opt in, a standard opt-in appears. This allows you to make sure you don't miss any opt-ins because people aren't logged into their Facebook accounts. Now let's look at how to set this up inside of LeadPages. Whether you're enabling this on a LeadPage or a LeadBox, once you're done customizing your page, go to opt-in form integration settings, select which integration you'd like to use as well as what list you want to add people to and then turn on use Facebook registration. When you turn this on, you won't immediately see the Facebook registration box and the editor. You'll need to go into preview mode in order to view the registration box. Once everything is set up and done, click on save page. Now people can opt in to your list, register for your webinars, get your training and so on when you use the register with Facebook option. This option is now available inside of LeadPages and you can use it with both LeadPages and LeadBoxes. If you're a LeadPages customer, this is immediately available to you. If you'll be using this new feature in your business, please take a second and type yes into the comments section below this video and if you're feeling industrious, tell us how you plan on using it. If you're not a LeadPages customer, please join us by going to to get LeadPages. I'm Jeff Wenberg. Have a spectacular day.

How To Create a 404 Landing Page For List Building (In Just A Few Minutes) Free Product Launch Funnel Landing Page Template Hi, this is Jeff Wenberg from LeadPages, and today, I wanted to talk to you about launch funnel pages, and these types of pages are used by all the top digital marketers, and that's for one specific reason, because they convert. Here's one that Eben Pagan is using, here's one Dan Kennedy is using, and here's an example from Kajabi. And this is helpful if you already have a launch list of product as geared towards or if you're building a launch list with this funnel. Now if you're building a list, you would want to set up a typical opt-in page for them to become part of the process. The typical three video launch cycle for this type of funnel goes something like this. Video one goes out to your list on a Thursday, video two goes out the following Tuesday, and video three goes out the following Thursday, and then video four goes out along with the card opening where there's finally something for sale on the next Tuesday. Then every time a new video is released, you'll mail links to the page to people that are on your list helping you to nurture those contacts and create that buzzing excitement that's needed for a really successful launch. Free Product Launch Funnel Landing Page Template Why did these funnels work so well? There are several reasons. These pages create massive momentum for your audience so there's a series of videos at the top, possibly a free report and so on, and that momentum leads to point number two. They create excitement. There's a sense that an event is happening and who doesn't want to be part of that? The further they get through your funnel, the more excited they start to get, and that ties into my last point. The content on the page is super valuable and engaging to the audience. According to Harvard Business Review, one of the top reasons product launches fail is because of lack of consumer education about the product, and this funnel is a perfect way to not only educate your prospects about how your new product or service will greatly benefit them, create a sense of urgency for your launch, and qualify those most likely to buy, but also through your videos, you can align yourself with your prospect's voice. Free Product Launch Funnel Landing Page Template So with that in mind, we took the standard launch funnel page and combined all of our conversion knowledge and best practices into our new launch funnel page template. We're really excited about this template because it works so well. This template looks great and is mobile responsive. In fact, it's the only mobile responsive page like this that I've ever seen. If you're a coder, this template's available for you to download below. Here's how you use this page. It does require a little bit of coding, but if you're an advanced user, you just download the HTML and CSS below and then modify them using your coding skills. Free Product Launch Funnel Landing Page Template You will need to create three other funnel pages and link them all together. You'll get your landing page code that you'd generated and integrate it with WordPress, and Facebook, etcetera, and then you just publish the page. Now if you're a LeadPages user, simply go to the launch funnel page template, then click on use this template. Now a quick note about this specific template is you will need to create four separate pages for each of the videos in the funnel and then link them together for this to work correctly, and you can easily do this with the duplicate option that's available on the publishing page. Also, if you don't insert a link in any of the steps, the step will be disabled, or if you like, you could just click on the hidden button and it will be hidden. The rest you can customize by clicking on an element or by clicking on the main menu on the left. You can insert your logo, insert links to the other funnel pages, get your video embed code. If you wanted to change out the product picture, you can do that. If you wanted to change out the like button text or arrow image, you can do that to reflect your product. Insert thumbnails for the other videos on the other pages, and if you'd like to have them just be thumbnails without the play button, you can disable the play button icon as well, and when you're done customizing, all you do is click on Save to My Pages. You'll name the page, then with a few clicks, you can publish this page through our servers, publish it to WordPress, publish it to Facebook as a Facebook tab, or finally, you can download the file and put it on your own server. This template is immediately available for LeadPages customers. I'm Jeff Wenberg. Enjoy this template. Take care. How To Create a 404 Landing Page For List Building

Prepopulating Landing Page Fields = Increased Conversion Prepopulating Landing Page Fields = Increased Conversion Clay Collins here, co-founder of LeadPages, and I want to talk about one of the most significant findings that the Internet Marketing Testing Community has found over the last few years. This is an incredibly robust result that I'm going to talk about, and if you watch and read sites like, and The Marketing Show, and also the LeadPages blog, you'll find one result popping up over and over again. And the result you'll find over and over again is this: if you can prepopulate landing page fields, you're going to get a much higher opt-in rate. So if someone arrives at a landing page, and it's already filled in with the data that you want them to submit, then they're much more likely to submit that form, right? We all do our taxes a lot earlier if someone just filled out the tax forms for us. In some cases, folks have found an increase in conversion rate of 36.4% because they did things like prepopulate the landing page form with the data that they want users to submit. Prepopulating Landing Page Fields = Increased Conversion So with that in mind, we added something very special to LeadPages. Here is a LeadPages page, and on this page, the default text says enter a valid email here. However, when you take this normal URL and you add this URL variable to the end, ?, you can prepopulate this form with your user's email address. So let's say you're using whatever email service provider that you use, whether that's AWeber, or MailChimp, or Infusionsoft, or OfficeAutoPilot, or whatever you're using, GetResponse, iContact, and you're going to send out an email. So you might say download my free report or something like that. And in the body, you might say just click here to check out my new special, special report. And then here, you might put a link like this. Now when you send someone to a link like this, they get a form where the email address is not populated. Prepopulating Landing Page Fields = Increased Conversion So let's go back into AWeber. This email is going to be called Join Tonight's Webinar. Text is going to say go here to join me on tonight's webinar, then we go ahead and add the URL here, but we also want to make it repopulate. So we're going to add to the end of this ?LeadPages-e=, and then we'll do a mail merge, and we'll post the email address here, and then I'll just sign this out as Clay. So I'll go ahead and send this email to myself, and as you can see, when I go here and load this email and I click on the link that was sent to me in the email, it prepopulates with my email address, and every person who receives this is going to have this field prepopulated with their email address. You can also prepopulate the first name field as well so you can prepopulate both the first name field and the email address. Now here's where this gets really, really, really interesting. If an affiliate is mailing for you, let's say you're doing a webinar with an affiliate, that affiliate can mail to your Webinar registration page and do the mail merge so that when someone arrives at your page from your affiliate's list, it's prepopulated with all the email addresses, which means that affiliate is going to get more sign ups to your webinar, and you both are going to make more money. Anyway, Clay Collins here, co-founder of LeadPages, and I hope you enjoyed this conversion tip, and I hope for those LeadPages users out there that you enjoy this new LeadPages feature. If you're not a LeadPages user or member, you know what to do. Take care.

LeadPages - Publish a Landing Page to Facebook in 4 Clicks LeadPages - Publish a Landing Page to Facebook in 4 Clicks In this video I wanna show you how in four clicks and less than 10 seconds I can publish any LeadPages page to Facebook. Once you're done customizing any LeadPages page to your liking, and assuming you're already logged in your Facebook account, from the publishing options page under, "I want to add this page as a tab on my Facebook page", click add to Facebook page, select which page you'd like to publish to, then finally click ad page tab. LeadPages - Publish a Landing Page to Facebook in 4 Clicks There we are, in four clicks, in under 10 seconds I can now start growing my list on Facebook

New LeadPages Feature: Analytics [Beta] New LeadPages Feature: Analytics Hi, this is Jeff Wenberg from LeadPages. I read once that Peter Drucker said if it can be measured, it can be managed. It's statistically proven that measuring numbers, whether it be for something like weight loss or website visitors, will help drive you to improve those numbers because you're conscious of them and you know what the numbers actually are. We found this to be true in our business, and when we're really watching our stats, things magically seem to get better. New LeadPages Feature: Analytics Talking specifically about websites, Clay has a rule that in most cases rings true. He says that generally, about 95% of the conversions and revenue will come from 5% of your web pages. For a lot of people, the question then really becomes which pages are in the 5% and how do you find out? Well, we're super excited to announce that analytics is now built in to LeadPages, and this is just the beginning of a long road. There's a ton of this that we're going to be doing in the future, and this is just paving the way for a lot of super secret stuff that we're not really ready to talk about just yet. This is just a very tip of the iceberg of what's to come. We've had a lot of people ask for it or wonder about what kind of conversions they can get with LeadPages. Now you can find out easily at a glance how your pages are performing. New LeadPages Feature: Analytics You'll notice when you go into LeadPages that you'll see the analytics for the pages you've created so far. Right now, you can immediately see unique visitors, opt-in rates and the conversion rate for the page without really doing anything other than what you are already doing. One thing to note about the analytics is the analytics platform is in beta right now and is only showing data collected since June 6 as this was just implemented in our system. This means it isn't complete data since it doesn't have the historical data for pages already created and numbers may look a little bit skewed. However, for any new page created, we'll have all that historical data to get you accurate numbers since we can track them from the beginning. New LeadPages Feature: Analytics Let's dive in to the analytics platform in LeadPages. You can sort the pages by all kinds of options over here on the right. So if you want to see which pages have the highest conversion rate or opt-in rate or unique views, you can quickly sort them to find that information. If you click on any of the numbers, it will take you to a more in-depth analysis of the data. If you'd like to get to the analytics tab for any particular page, you can also click on the page and select the analytics tab here, then you can search by a specific time period and select what you want to see data for. The data will then be laid out in a graphical format so you can see any sort of trends that maybe happening on your pages. Again, this is all implemented without you having to do anything other than what you are already doing within your LeadPages account. New LeadPages Feature: Analytics There's a lot more to come to this features and everything involved so stay tuned for more updates and new features being added to LeadPages on a weekly basis. Thanks for watching. Have a great day.

Split Testing Built In To Your LeadPages Account

[TUTORIAL] run split tests w/o paying additional fees: This demo shows you how to run split tests without paying expensive fees from companies like Optimizely and VisualWebsiteOptimizer. Most online marketers know that A/B split tests are one of the fastest and most effective methods for growing their business. The problem is that most quality split testing platforms are really dang expensive. ================================ Hey, Jeff Wenberg from LeadPages here. We really wanted to do something huge and we wanted to bring something new and powerful to LeadPages, something that people have been asking for forever that would have a huge impact, and we're super happy to unveil for the first time ever LeadPages Built-in Split Testing. We've added the most simplest split testing experience we've ever seen before. Over the course of our videos, we've told you about a lot of different people that have had amazing results with their LeadPages. They got those results out of the box with our pages because we do internal split testing on our end to make sure that our landing pages are the highest-converting landing pages out there. In fact, if you'd like to see which pages are currently converting the best, you can easily sort the pages by opt-in rate to find an up-to-date ranking of our landing pages by conversion rate. LeadPages pages are all designed based on extensive internal split testing that we do. Now, we want to give the ability to run split test to you. Split testing has always been a necessity, but a pain to set up. Typically, you'd have to find some external split testing software to use, create your pages, set up the software for all your pages, install the tracking code on each page you want to split test, plus other possible steps depending on the split testing service you're using. It can be a total nightmare to set up. Instead of having to use one tool to create landing pages and a separate tool for split testing and having different log ins for both, what's different about LeadPages is we've actually integrated the landing page builder with the split testing tool in order to make things as easy as possible for you. Now, there's one log in and everything is under one roof. This allows you to split test any page you currently have against any new pages, or if you're making any small tweaks to your pages, you can easily split test that as well to see what impact those changes may make on your conversions. Let me show you how to set up split testing inside of LeadPages in five simple steps. Before we get started, I do want to point out that you can create either a brand new split test by clicking the 'Create test' button here, or on an existing page that you want to test, click 'Create test here.' Okay, let's do this in five simple steps. Step one, fine the page that you want to run a split test on; step two, enable split testing on the page; step three, add a variation of this page by selecting 'Add variation;' step four, select which page you want to make a variation of. I'm going to test different button texts so I'll text free instant access against the previous text download now; then step five, save the page. Now the split test is set up and ready to go. Then of course, you'd review your results in step six. Now, when I go into my browser and I refresh the page a couple times, you'll see that it's showing me both variations. This split testing feature is something that every LeadPages user should be utilizing in their business as split testing helps you find out where your biggest money pages are in your business and where you should be spending your time versus just taking a chance and leaving things up to faith. If you have any questions, as usual, we'd be answering those in the comment section below this video. I'm Jeff Wenberg, have a great day.

Announcing LeadLinks™: This Year's Biggest Update To LeadPages (So Far)

Announcing: The Biggest LeadPages Update of 2014 (So Far) First came LeadPages, back in early 2013. Next came LeadBoxes, last month. Now, we are giving you the next major innovation that will revolutionize how you approach lead generation from now on. It's called "LeadLinks." And after months of work, we are ready to introduce you to our biggest update of 2014 -- and this major development that will revolutionize how you approach lead generation from now on. In this video, you'll see... 3 different ways to start using LeadLinks in your business right now. Why we call LeadLinks a "zero-step opt-in," and why this "zero-barrier" can dramatically increase your conversions on any list from now on. Plus, step-by-step instructions on how to create your first LeadLink within 30 minutes of watching this video. Don't wait. Get all the details on LeadLinks in this video.