Yelp Rapes Businesses

by Taewoo Kim
How did Hitler massacre Jews? Gas chambers. How do some southern animal shelters get rid of unwanted dogs & cats? Gas chambers. How does Yelp rape businesses? (Digital) gas chamber, a.k.a. If you aren’t aware, Yelp (a local business review site) is the biggest & baddest “do evil” mother f*cking business of all time.Read the full article

Bad Yelp Review Leads to Threats of Retribution. Could It Happen To You?

After an aspiring novelist received poor customer service from a custom tailoring shop, he left the store a poor review on Yelp. This got an immediate response from the store owner, who threatened to leave a flood of negative Amazon reviews for the novelist's upcoming book if he didn't take down the bad Yelp review. Our panel discusses the outcome of this unusual situation, the nature of the online review process and who was