If you could know one thing about your customers, what would it be?

by Ben Davis
This question - what would you like to know about your customers? - is the simple challenge from Andrew Warren-Payne as he takes to the stage and bemoans previous hype around the tweeting fridge. By the way, that header image is Colin Farrell in the 2012 reboot of Total Recall, reading a lovely message on his 'screen fridge'.Read the full article

MindRider and the Maker's Brain

MindRider is a brain-reading bike helmet developed at the MIT Media Lab that converts a cyclist's EEG levels into an LED display. It also geo-locates the EEG data so that cyclists can review their "Experience Maps" later. Catherine Cramer and Stephen Uzzo of the NY Hall of Science show off the MindReader, and present results recorded from various helmeted Makers during the Faire.