Google Announces the End of Author Photos in Search: What You Should Know

by Cyrus Shepard
Posted by Cyrus-Shepard Google gives, and Google takes away. Even so, it came as a surprise when John Mueller announced Google will soon drop authorship photos from most search results. This one hits particularly hard, as I'm known as the guy who optimized his Google author photo. Along with many other SEOs, I constantly advise webmasters to connect their content writers wit ...Read the full article

Authorship, Authority & Identity by Matt Cutts with Suresh, Pub Con 2013 Matt Cutts & Suresh from Web Marketing Academy Bangalore discuss about Authorship, Authority & Identity after Matt keynote at PubCon 2013. We had a chance to spend some time together on the way to the airport. In this video Matt talks about Integration Authorship. Issues with Identity and more.