How to Curate Knowledge, Turn it Into Wisdom, and Build Your Audience

by Jerod Morris
Your audience expects a lot out of you. As well as they should. Which is why if you want to build a business you need an audience. But you can’t have an audience if don’t have authority. And you can’t have authority unless you have wisdom. You need wisdom that enables you to paint the big picture while making obtuse concepts clear.Read the full article

The Wire | How To Play Chess

Probably one of the greatest scenes in television history. Follow us on Twitter @WireFans or visit Attention: I do not own the rights to this video and do not wish to take credit for them. Everything in the video is property of HBO. I am just a fan trying to spread the awesomeness of the greatest television show ever. Thank you to HBO, David Simon and everybody else that played a part in the creation of The Wire.