5 Video Do’s and Don’ts For Content Marketers

Most CEOs and marketers didn’t go to film school. But as video becomes an increasingly important visual medium for brands, content marketers have to learn tricks of the trade. And, most importantly, in order to tell their brand stories in an engaging way, they have to learn to think from a narrative perspective, and not just a marketing one.Read the full article

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Ralph Pucci in “Apotheosis” by Nick Sweeney and Aaron Peasley - NOWNESS

Filmmaking duo Nick Sweeney and Aaron Peasley visits the visionary mannequin creator Ralph Pucci in his spacious West 18th Street loft. With an army of lifeless figures around him, he muses on perfection and body image.
Read the full feature on NOWNESS: http://bit.ly/1hPZnEc

Amber Ibarreche - Mystery Kills

A short film about artist Amber Ibarreche.


DP/Editor: Philip Leaman
Producer/Editor: Zoie Rizzuto
Composer: Ava Jarden