French soccer team says ‘Yo’ to its fans with viral app

by Tanya Dua
What’s French for “Yo?” If you’ve downloaded Yo, the simple, silly and hugely viral app, you may get to find out – the French Football Federation is on it, and pinging its fans during the World Cup. The app, which has amassed more than 1 million users since it launched on April 1, does little more than send the message “yo” to users phones.Read the full article

  • Uh-oh, Yo has major security flaws - 1 readers - Yo, the mobile messaging app that quickly rose to popularity this week with a bewilderingly simple premise—the only message it can send is "yo"—has a lot more than that lurking beneath its surface. At least until several hours ago, Yo exposed all of its users' phone numbers to anyone with the wherewithal to request them. Several developers demon...