Social Media Updates: 280 Characters, News Feed Videos and Auto Awesome

by Brian Conlin
Users constantly adopt new behaviors, preferences and technologies. Social networks play catch up, adding new features and making changes to user experiences. This creates new opportunities and challenges for PR and marketing pros. But because the updates roll out so quickly (and sometimes without much fanfare), it’s easy to miss the latest changes.Read the full article

  • Facebook News Feed Update Sets the Stage for Video Ads - 28 readers, 534 Tweets - Facebook tweaked its News Feed algorithm to learn more about users' video preferences, both to surface better content and ultimately help sell ads.

  • Facebook Updates App Links SDK with Back Button - 27 readers, 93 Tweets - Announced at at f8, Facebook’s open-source App Links lets developers deep-link across mobile apps. Today the company announced that over a billion individual link destinations have been created within apps using... Keep reading →

  • Still More Data Shows Pinterest Passing Twitter In Popularity - 32 readers, 277 Tweets - Its most recent valuation of $5 billion makes Pinterest a clear No. 4 among U.S. social networking companies, behind LinkedIn (current market cap: $20 billion), Twitter ($23 billion) and, of course, Facebook ($170 billion). On the basis of users, however, it's increasingly obvious that Pinterest deserves to be counted among the [...]

  • Google Streamlines Google+ Authorship Details - 27 readers, 259 Tweets - Google is removing images and Google+ follower counts from search results

  • Google+ Photos now lets you go back and re-edit pics you already edited - 30 readers, 15 Tweets - Google+ Photos already saves originals of your edited photos, in case you ever regret some of the more Warholish tweaks you made. Now, Google is letting

  • Surprise: Snapchat's most popular feature isn't snaps anymore - 24 readers, 379 Tweets - So, Snapchat's just for sexting, right? Apparently not. Snapchat says that its most popular feature is now its most public, least ephemeral one: Stories. Snapchat tells The Verge that more Stories...