21 Truths About Making Money Online People Never Reveal But Should!

by Lisa Irby
If there was an Internet mountain top and I had a megaphone, here are 21 truths I would shout out… 1) There Is No Step By Step Guide to Success Sure, there are guidelines and principles you can follow, but everyone has to find their own way and no journey is exactly the same. Why? Because not everyone is building the same kind of site or selling the same kinds of products.Read the full article

SEO in 2014 - What Google Won't Say

Subscribe to get my free book on SEO to see what what's working in 2014. http://blog.2createawebsite.com/how-to-subscribe-to-this-blog/ Updates on search engine optimization (SEO) and what you need to know for the future. Click the time stamps below to jump to the desired sections. What Google (Matt Cutts) Won't Say - 2:14 Google Hummingbird - 6:08 Google Knowledge Graph - 8:29 Backlinks - 9:55 Authority - 12:52

Why Your Site Needs Google Authorship & Author Rank

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