3 Steps to Making Bottom-Line Impact With Social Media

by Adrienne Sheares
In 2014, social media is no longer a phenomenon. With Facebook entering its tweens, social media has matured and big brands and small companies alike have incorporated it into their larger public relations and marketing strategy. Despite the popularity of social media for customer service, engagement and branding, many brands still struggle to identify its bottom-line value.Read the full article

Telluride: Our Future is Brighter with Vocus Marketing Suite!

Here at Telluride.com we want you to have one of the best vacations you've ever experienced. Not only in Colorado... but in the entire country. Spring, Summer, Fall and/or Winter, we're here to help you plan out the most memorable trip possible. We put a lot of time and effort into marketing to our repeat guests... but, we also do a lot of research on how to reach out to other travelers interested in a unique destination vacation who might be unfamiliar with Telluride, Colorado. How do we do it? Well... we can't tell you all our secrets ;) BUT, there's really no way a small town could have such a big "voice" without the help from Vocus. We signed up with the Vocus Marketing Suite last spring to help promote our little town, monitor our Google Analytics, engage with our social media Fans and Followers and much more. It has helped us compete with other Colorado ski resorts and helped us have a larger stretch and voice in the business world for an affordable price. Check out Vocus' recent blog (http://blog.vocus.com/blog/telluride-vocus-marketing-suite-review/) about Telluride.com and watch our testimonial video below!