Else 6.30.14: Input, Output, Kaput

This past week in tech brought Google’s I/O developer conference, and with it lots of debate on the culture of the Valley, the future of links in the mobile world, the end of the Internet (again), and the death of the IPO. To the (dead? resurgent?) links: In­side the Mir­rortoc­ra­cy – Carlos Buenos From time to time a commentator hits the mark when it comes to the Valley’s culture.Read the full article

  • The next thing Silicon Valley needs to disrupt big time: its own culture

    qz.com - 20 readers - There's a problem with Silicon Valley and the subcultures that imitate it. It's a design bug woven into people's identities and sense of self-worth. Influential and otherwise very smart people will deny till their last breath that it even exists. But I believe it does and should be fixed before it gets any worse. Since...

  • The End of the Internet?

    theatlantic.com - 17 readers, 118 Tweets - How regional networks may replace the World Wide Web

  • Google’s Master Plan: Turn Everything Into Data!

    slate.com - 23 readers, 142 Tweets - Compared with, say, Apple, Google does not do flash very well. I can’t think of a time when a Google product or announcement created a collective press orgasm in the way the iMac or the iPod or the iPhone or the iPad did. But Google isn’t really even trying at...

  • The IPO is dying. Marc Andreessen explains why.

    vox.com - 17 readers, 539 Tweets - Netscape cofounder and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen says the decline of the initial public offering is bad for ordinary investors. He also critiques economist Thomas Piketty.