10 more beautiful World Cup 2014 data visualisations

by Ben Davis
Seeing as you enjoyed my previous round-up of World Cup data visualisation, I've assembled a great collection of even better data visualisation. Whether a football fan or not, take a look at these graphics showing everything from FIFA revenue to the history of the World Cup ball. Enjoy. 1. Where do players play? There are a number of brilliant charts in this piece from Quartz ...Read the full article

  • A visual guide to where World Cup players spend most of their time

    qz.com - 21 readers - The World Cup is about people from all over the world coming together to battle over the superiority of their respective nations. Amongst the patriotic chest-beating, it's worth remembering that during the four years in between each cup, most of the players are loyal to clubs far from home. Using data prepared by The Guardian, Quartz put togethe...