7 Things You Need to Stop Doing on Twitter

If Twitter to you is all about retweeting celebrities, uploading photos of tasty meals to Twitpic, and devising hilariously embarrassing TBT tweets, then you might be interested in these statistics: 77% of employers use social media to find candidates, and 20% of them use these platforms to screen out employees, too.Read the full article

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    theguardian.com - 22 readers - Daniel Maier knows what he doesn't like on the social network and has taken the time to compile it. If you really want to RT hard, you need to avoid the following cliches. #justsayin

  • FAFSA sorry for Kristen Wiig 'Help me. I'm poor' tweet

    usatoday.com - 19 readers, 142 Tweets - A tweet from the Federal College Financial Aid account featured a photo meme of Kristen Wigg in Bridesmaids from the airplane scene with a caption,