Are Short Films the Future of Commercials?

They normally arrive when you least want them, they come and go fairly regularly, and they are hard to avoid. You do everything you can to make them go away, but sometimes it’s just not possible. No, this article isn’t about your in-laws— it’s about commercials. For quite some time, viewers have had commercials pushed upon them, whether it’s at the peak moment of a show (like ...Read the full article

Cornetto Cupidity Love Stories - 40 Love

Cornetto Presents - 40 Love
Production Company: The Herd Films -
Agency: Mofilm -

Director - Lloyd Lee Choi
Producer - Kyle Hollett
Writen By - Emma Katz
Additional Dialogue - Rebecca Strom
Director of Photography - Benjamin Loeb
Production Designer - Caitlin Byrnes
Costume Design - Zoe Green
Casting Director - Tamara Hunter
Production Coordinator - Jordan Barber
Editing - Lloyd Lee Choi
Post Sound Editor - Vidar Grande
Colorist - David Tomiak
VFX - Gloo Studios

Los Angeles Unit
1st AD - Ian Putnam
2nd AD - Valerie Aragon
Background Coordinator - Matt Caponi
1st AC - Cecilia Guerrero
2nd AC - Nadia Baptista
Location Sound - Reuben Colazo
Gaffer - Alex Gaynor
Best Boy - Layne McIsaac
Key Grip - Nick Kristen
Grip - Victor Wang
Key Makeup / Hair - Stacey Hummell
Tennis Trainer - Pablo Goody
Wardrobe Assistant - Jessica Poynter
Picture Car Bus Driver - David K Chistenson
Production Assistants - Jennifer Merihue & Ashley Lane
Stadium Crowd - The Inflatable Crowd Company

London Unit
1st AD - Craig Bilham
1st AC - Sam Rawlings
Gaffer - Nick Green
Makeup / Hair - Millie Wilkes
Location Sound - Matthew Price
Casting Director - Kristina Erdely
Location Scout - Ross Kirkman

Debbie - Phoebe Neidhardt
Maria - Fernanda Romero
Doctor/Cupid - Lily Allen
Coach - Marco Rodriguez
Chair Umpire - Preston Greeg
News Anchor - Brian Johnston
Tennis Opponent - Susie Abromeit
Old Woman - Bunny Levine
Tween 1 - Alice Wen
Tween 2 - Leo Lungaro
Ball Girl - Zoe Croft

Special thanks Fusion Cine, Eric Storrie & Stubhub Centre, Mark Cole & Milwall Football Club, Raul Fernandez & Natalie Pitcher of Hunk Mansion, Ashley Lane, Devin Karringten, Rebecca Sykes, Angeli Macfarlane, Simon Yang, Nick Streatfield

Matilda's Theme - Hilary Grist
What A Difference A Day Makes - Dinah Washington
Running For Cover - Ivan & Alyosha
Pillow Talk - Wild Child

Created by David Alberts and Peter Souter
Produced by Kyle Hollett, Rebecca Sykes and Ben Curtis
Directed by Lloyd Lee Choi
Created by Mofilm