Why is MINI's social strategy so immense?

by Christopher Ratcliff
I was going to call this ‘why MINI’s social media strategy is maximum fun’ but as soon as you describe something as ‘fun’ it kind of stops being that. Which certainly isn’t the fate that the 55 year-old automobile brand deserves. Its social media campaigns are huge amounts of… might have to dust off the old thesaurus for this one… lively hoopla? Fine. Fun it is.Read the full article


MINI Art Beat featuring Junis

Junis has lit up London with MINI Art Beat. Want to see yourself on the live and interactive LED installation? Take your style from screen to street and be our next video star: http://minispace.com/artbeat/en_int/RpSix7YpxTdF52sIn5WJQgsR8gHbm0vD/