How To Be An SEO For Free

by Charles Floate
My How To Be An SEO For $57 post is still pretty popular to this day. I thought I’d one up that post with this one, and show you how to be an SEO for free! Tools and Skills you can learn to do things for free. As there has been a bunch more tools released, I thought I’d upgrade it for people interested in running an SEO Business/Company but maybe don’t have the funding/capital ...Read the full article

SEO Tools Plugin for Excel [Tutorial]

I've taken a deeper look at a really handy tool that I use on a daily basis - a free plugin for Microsoft Excal called SEO tools (developed by Neils Bosma - The plugin cn be used for all sorts of website analysis, especially when it comes to SEO. I walk you through how you can do just that - you will see how to conduct a link analysis of your website directly within Excel as well as an on-page SEO audit. You can view the full article here: