14 semi-mind-blowing ways the internet kept us entertained this week

by Christopher Ratcliff
“It’s round-up time. Whoa-oh-oh-oh. It’s round-up time. STOP… It’s round-up time!” As you can hear I’ve come up with a theme tune for this weekly round-up of internet japes and harpoonery. Although it doesn’t have a fixed title every week, I thought perhaps at least I could give it a catchy jingle so you know that it is indeed time for the weekly internet round-up.Read the full article

Why Did We Blow On Nintendo Games?

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兵庫県議 政務費不正疑惑 泣き乱しながら潔白主張

North Atlantic Skies

Every day, between two and three thousand aircraft fly across the North Atlantic between Canada, the United States and Europe. Airspace across the North Atlantic is divided into six Oceanic Control Areas (or OCAs). These OCAs are controlled by Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) working at different locations in different Countries.

NATS, working with the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority), is responsible for providing the air traffic control service to the Shanwick OCA. The IAA service is provided from Shannon in Ireland, and the NATS service provided from Prestwick in Scotland (hence ‘Shanwick’).

The Shanwick OCA is the busiest of all North Atlantic Airspace regions. It is often referred to as ‘the gateway to Europe’ and around 80% of all North Atlantic Air Traffic passes through it, demonstrating the strategic importance of our Prestwick Centre and UK airspace.

This visualization shows Transatlantic traffic over a 24 hour period taken from a day in August last year and shows 2,524 flights crossing the North Atlantic, of which 1,273 pass through the Shanwick OCA. At our busiest periods in the Summer, traffic can peak at 1,500 flights a day passing through the Shanwick OCA.

Find out more on our blog: http://nats.aero/blog/2014/06/north-atlantic-skies-gateway-europe/

Weird perspective of a painting found in Windsor, England

Found at Gallery at Ice in Windsor, UK painted by Brian Weavers.

LEGO Princess Bride scenes - Brickworld Chicago 2014

Joshua Hanlon interviews the builders of the Princess Bride scenes at Brickworld Chicago 2014. Complete guided tour of Brickworld Chicago 2014: http://youtu.be/dmu6uiovP_Q Check out our other Brickworld Chicago 2014 videos: http://bit.ly/1pMNrGX This video is brought to you by http://www.EclipseBricks.com -- Subscribe to Beyond The Brick on YouTube - http://goo.gl/nWXuM Circle Beyond The Brick on Google+ - http://goo.gl/Rof46 Follow Beyond The Brick on Twitter - http://goo.gl/ub844 Sign up to receive new videos via email - http://goo.gl/2faMM