Inbound Marketing Highlights - Facebook Psy-Ops and Halligan Advice

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday inbound marketing nation! Welcome to Sunday's Inbound Marketing Highlights with Mike and Roman. We hope that you and yours enjoyed a sparkly Fourth and are taking advantage of the long weekend! Our articles this week: Facebook Tinkers With Users’ Emotions in News Feed Experiment, Stirring Outcry The Morality Of A/B Testing 5 Content Marketing Less ...Read the full article

  • The Morality Of A/B Testing | - 2 readers, 457 Tweets - We don't use the "real" Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Google, Yahoo, or LinkedIn. We are almost all part of experiments they quietly run to see if different..

  • CEOs: It's Time To Take Back Ownership of Marketing - 4 readers, 15 Tweets - In this age of social media transparency, brands' reputations are at stake. CEOs need to take back ownership of marketing and steward their brands.