Dolphin Mobile Browser – Now With Dolphin Connect (For Chrome/Firefox/Safari)

by Kim Castleberry
Dolphin Connect Sync What You Need! Dolphin Browser for Android has long been my favorite Android browser. Recently, iOS users got to get in on the action with Dolphin browser available for them now too! It’s robust, snappy, and feature-rich. It’s even got tools you won’t find in stock browsers such as an easy way to switch user agents and thus get the DESKTOP version of a si ...Read the full article

Dolphin How To: Send to Device

You don't even need to think about it. Go from your laptop to your smartphone to your iPad without having to search for the web page you were reading. To use Send to Device, first install Dolphin Connect and the extensions for Chrome/Safari/Firefox. Then use your Dolphin Connect/Facebook or Google account to sign in on Desktop and mobile and tap send to device. Download Dolphin: - Google Play for Android devices: - App Store for iPhone & iPod touch at: - App Store for iPad at: Download Dolphin Connect extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari here: Like Dolphin Browser on Facebook: Follow Dolphin Browser on Twitter: Connect with Dolphin Browser on G+: