Complacency is Cancer

by Tammy Hawk Bridges
Take a moment of self-reflection. How do you take in information? Do you absorb it? Do you read it and think to yourself that you need to do it? Then a few seconds later the dog barks and you need to take him out – then the thought is lost? Do you revisit it? Do you just move on? The entrepreneur that thrives in today’s world is the one that admits they’re guilty of being com ...Read the full article

Dear Client, You're Fired Do you have clients that cause you to sit down with a tub of ice-cream and potato chips to drown your sorrows in? Or perhaps you need something a little bit stronger - say a bottle of wine or vodka? These are the types of clients that you need to send packing! They're costing you too much money! You need to focus on the big picture of your business and be brave enough to fire clients that cost more money than they are actually worth.