Are You Using a Mobile Responsive Email Template?

by Shawn Collins
Mobile now accounts for the majority of email opens with a 51% share, according to data from litmus. Have you checked your email newsletter on your phone? I just checked mine and it’s difficult to read on a phone. When I went to look for a solution, my first stop was my email solution provider, AWeber, and I was delighted to see that they have lots of drag-and-drop email te ...Read the full article

Mobile Responsive Templates

Did you know that about 51% of people open their emails on mobile devices now? Chances are, a lot of your own subscribers fall into that 51%, too.

Mobile email design is now even easier. Make sure your emails are mobile friendly for your readers. All of our drag-and-drop email templates for broadcasts and follow up messages are mobile responsive.

A mobile responsive email automatically resizes itself to fit the screen your subscriber opened it on. That means your readers won’t have to scroll across their phone screens to read your message if your email is wider than their screen (which can be irritating for smartphone users). This makes your email easier and more enjoyable to read on a small phone screen.

And that can mean more engagement for your emails. Already, emails open on a mobile device have gotten up to 53% more click throughs than emails opened on a desktop computer. And with optimized, responsive templates, you could see your own click rates getting higher as more mobile users can read your full message without scrolling back and forth.

Play with our 600+ other templates that are also mobile responsive.

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