Friday Infographic: The State of Content Marketing

by Bas Van Den Beld

Blogging Tip: Use Twitter Searches to find content

Here's a tip for bloggers looking for content. This is part of a (free) webinar about blogging. Subscribe to be part of the webinar here: Blogging is hot! As we could see last week in the infographic we shared, 77% of people online read blogs. Small businesses generate 126% more leads with blogging and 81% of (US) consumer trust what bloggers are saying. Bas-van-den-Beld-A4U-London-2010-5So are you blogging already? And are you doing a good job? Let us help you do a great job at blogging. In our FREE webinar 'Make Blogging Easy' we will tell you exactly what can make your blogging future a big success! The one hour webinar will be presented and hosted by Bas van den Beld who has been blogging for a decade and has set up industry leading blogs like State of Digital, State of Search and Searchcowboys. What you will learn: Tips and tricks on: Finding topics to write about Creating a structure which will allow you to write more and better Writing as a team Getting readership Standing out How to make blogging easy Who should sign up? Anyone who wants to be successful in blogging will get something out of this, but those that will get the most out of this webinar are: - Business bloggers - Content marketers - Marketers who want to start blogging More information and signup here:

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