How Hanging with Oprah Influenced a Social Media Strategist

by Jay Baer
An Interesting Social Start Nick Cicero has always been a musician. Since the age of six, he’s played the trumpet and went to college to pursue his jazz trumpet career. Because he was entering higher education around the same time that the internet was taking off along with many high-level desktop applications, he began composing music commercially for media companies, brands, and individuals.Read the full article

ROBERT GOULET - If Ever I Would Leave You (Live w / lyrics)

R.I.P. Rob......LYRICS: If ever I would leave you - It wouldn't be in summer. Seeing you in summer - I never would go. Your hair streaked with sun-light - Your lips red as flame Your face with a lustre - That puts gold to shame! But if I'd ever leave you - How could it be in autumn. How I'd leave in autumn - I never would know. I've seen how you sparkle - When fall nips the air. I know you in autumn - And I must be there. And could I leave you running, merrily through the snow Or on a wintry evening - When you catch the fire's glow If ever I would leave you - How could it be in spring-time Knowing how in spring I'm bewitched by you so Oh, no! not in spring-time - summer, winter or fall! No, never could I leave you - at all!