Eight personal branding lessons from the ‘Top 40 Social Selling Marketing Masters’

Technology solutions business Kitedesk recently published an infographic that highlighted the Top 40 Social Selling Marketing Masters (see below). It’s a great list, featuring a veritable who’s who of the social media and content marketing world. What struck me when I first saw the infographic wasn’t necessarily about each listed individual’s ability to ‘sell socially’ (I’m n ...Read the full article

  • Recognizing The World's Top 40 Social Marketing Talent

    forbes.com - 20 readers, 8 Tweets - Hiring talent with ‘Klout’ is a double-edged sword. Some employers believe influencers make excellent candidates because they are natural sharers and outspoken community builders that can add a ton of value inside an organization and out. Others are deeply concerned about the risks of hiring influencers.  According to one prominent [...]