Scale your Shopping campaigns with bulk uploads and AdWords Editor

by Rob Newton
With less than eight weeks left until regular Product Listing Ad (PLA) campaigns retire, we're excited that the majority of PLA advertisers have already started taking advantage of Shopping campaigns, and 85% of these have already fully upgraded. Advertisers who’ve upgraded like Farfetch, US Mattress, LiBoutique and ValuePetSupplies are seeing great success thanks to the retail ...Read the full article

Google Shopping: Create a Shopping Campaign

Promoting your store inventory with Product Listing Ads is easy with a Shopping campaign. In this tutorial, learn how to get started and create a Shopping campaign in AdWords.

Google Shopping: Shopping Campaigns & Your Data Feed

Shopping campaigns streamline how you manage, bid and report on your Product Listing Ads. To fully utilize Shopping campaigns, you may need to do some data feed housekeeping. In this tutorial, learn about Shopping campaigns and your data feed.

Google Shopping: Optimize your Shopping Campaign

Shopping campaigns offer new, retail-centric tools and features to more easily optimize and grow your Product Listing Ads traffic. In this tutorial, learn how to browse your inventory and optimize your bids in a Shopping campaign.

Getting Started with Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaign is a new campaign type in AdWords and offers a retail-centric way to manage your Product Listing Ads (PLAs). It streamlines the way you organize, bid and report on your products. In this session, we'll walk through an overview of Shopping campaigns and share some tips on how to start upgrading your regular PLA campaign.

Advanced Shopping Campaign Upgrade Tips

Survey Here: Shopping campaigns have many new features and tools that help you manage and optimize your Product Listing Ads (PLAs) such as benchmark data, impression share and a Bid Simulator. In this session, we'll share best practices on how to upgrade your regular PLA campaign so you can start taking full advantage of these new features.