13 simple SEO processes you can use to improve client acquisition and retention

by Jason Acidre

Deep Broken Link Building with Ahrefs, BuzzStream & Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Deep broken link building: http://www.clambr.com/deep-broken-link-building/ Broken link building is when you find a broken link on someone's page, tell them about it and then suggest your link as a replacement. DEEP broken link building is when you go one step further and find every site linking to the same broken link and reach out to them too! You're about to learn: * How to find hundreds of broken links in minutes with Screaming Frog SEO Spider * Get a list of all the sites linking to them using Ahrefs * Decide which of those sites you WANT links from * And reach out to them instantly with BuzzStream! For the full text/image transcript and complete list of tools used in the tutorial visit: http://www.clambr.com/deep-broken-link-building/

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