5 Things to Consider When Monitoring Your Brand on Twitter

by Francisco Rosales
A couple of weeks ago we talked about ways to change what people say about your brand online, to continue in that line, this week we’ll discuss a few things you need to consider when monitoring your brand on Twitter, again in collaboration with Mention. The main point of the post is that, even if you are actively monitoring Twitter for brand mentions, there may be some situat ...Read the full article

5 Surprising Figures You Need to Know to Improve Your Twitter Strategy

In our first infographic, we analyzed 1,000,000,000 mentions delivered to 200,000 companies and found that 66.7% of them came from Twitter (mention.com/1billion). We crunched the data again, this time from 23,079 company alerts resulting in 35,736,105 mentions on Twitter. Then we asked leading social media experts their opinion on each point. And these were the results.