Demystifying Data Visualization for Marketers

by Annie Cushing
Posted by Annie Cushing I presented on wrangling and demystifying the data visualization process for marketers at MozCon this year, and it turns out there was far more to talk about than could fit into that half-hour. For the sake of those who couldn’t make it and those who could but want to learn more, I pulled together this overview of my presentation, offering more detail ...Read the full article

Create a Speedometer Chart How to create a speedometer chart in Excel 2007. See Excel 2010 example at

Create Bullet Graphs How to create bullet graphs popularized by Stephen Few. I also have a video on how to create a horizontal bullet graphy at

Creating a Thermometer Goal Chart in Excel

This is the first of what is going to be a long series of Microsoft Excel 2010 based how-to videos! As my first video I will show you how to make a Thermometer Goal Chart. It's really easy.