Despite the Haters: Wendy’s and Boyz II Men’s #PretzelLoveSongs is a Content Marketing Hit

by Jillian Richardson
When I think about boy bands, I think of the days when I kissed every magazine cover that Justin Timberlake graced his face with. (I was also seven years old. Promise.) Yet despite all my fond NSYNC memories, I never associated boy bands with pretzels—until now. Last Friday, Wendy’s and Boyz II Men paired up to create a ballad about the chain’s limited edition pretzel bun.Read the full article

BOYZ II MEN - YES YES YES! A Wendy's Pretzel Love Song Encore

Your Comments II Lyrics sung by Boyz II Men. The pretzel bun is back, baby!

Written By Your Comments - Desire: A Wendy's Pretzel Love Song Encore

Encore! Encore! The Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger and Pretzel Pub Chicken sandwiches are back...for more. Your social love as lyrics. Hit it.