3 Mindset Shifts: Get More SEO Out Of Your Content Marketing

by Nate Dame

Looking to the Future with Affinity Segments

Online brand marketing is moving at a lightning pace, gaining insights from more and more audience data by the day. Whether it's through searching, recommending, reviewing, or sharing, the data is out there -- making it easier than ever to find and connect with your ideal audience. The marketer's challenge is to make sense of these data signals, which paint a picture of a person's lifestyle and interests. All of this user information forms what is referred to as an individual's "affinity." By taking a broader look at affinities, you can more accurately predict what consumers will want days and weeks from now -- a home run for brand marketers. Join Diya Jolly from Google and Nate Elliott, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research for a conversation about how to make sense of affinity data and how to use it to market your brand.

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