5 Incredible Ways To Master Google Plus with Circloscope

In the latest episode of my podcast, I included Circloscope on a list of 5 tools that can help us achieve “social media nirvana”. Of course, no one can say exactly what this “nirvana” would look like. But in my head I envision a clutter free stream, that’s brimming with valuable content, that I’m truly interested in reading.Read the full article

How To Use Circloscope for Your Google Plus Business Page or Profile

Circloscope is an extension for Google Chrome that allows your to manage your following on Google +. Try Circloscope now at: http://bit.ly/coscope In this video I demonstrate how to add people to circles for a Google + business page. Add me to circles on Google+ https://google.com/+IleaneSmith Follow my Tweets http://twitter.com/ileane Video Thumbnail TubeSlicer http://basicblogtips.com/Tubeslicer

Circloscope: Exporting List and importing into Google Drive

This goes with the other video I did on how to export a list from Circloscope and import into Excel. This one shows you how to do the same, but import into Google Drive to share in a more collaborative environment when you have a team. If you want to learn more about Circloscope - a list manager and engagement tool for Google+, go here: http://circloscope.com

CircloScope Master Class- Google Plus Targeted Following

http://goo.gl/5ympfQ In this episode of CircloScope Master Class we will be showing you how to build your social media marketing by targeting your social media followers. This will grant you a better targeted audience on Google Plus.

Google Plus Circle Management Success Tools And Tips

http://www.krishna.me/CircloscopeFree Access the free version of Circloscope here. http://www.bgn.bz/vcms9 is where you will find the accompanying article to this event. Have you started to use Google Plus as part of your visual content marketing but have not yet really understood how to effectively use Circles to build visibility and engagement around the content you share? If so, then join this episode of the Visual Content Marketing Show to discover practical tips you can use to enhance your Google Plus marketing success. ABOUT MY GUESTS My guests this week are Christine DeGraff and Craig Fifield, two of the co-founders of the Google Plus Circle Management tool Circloscope. We discussed practical advice to help you achieve greater success with your Google Plus marketing and engagement. This event also celebrates the launch of the release of Circloscope. There is a free version available that we discussed which is relevant for managing your personal profile but without automation. The pro-version enables you to manage your business pages - find details at http://www.Krishna.me/Circloscope We explored: - Christine's and Craig's personal experience of growing her presence on Google Plus - Essential tips for creating and managing Google Plus Circles to support your marketing plan - Etiquette tips for Google Circle management - Practical ways you can use Google plus Circles to develop an audience for your Google Plus Hangout show - How the Circloscope, can help you become more effective in managing your Google Plus Circles - Practical guidance for actions you can take in the next 30 days to support your visual content marketing objectives. Find us on Twitter at: - https://www.Twitter.com/KrishnaDe - https://twitter.com/ChrisDeGraff - https://twitter.com/craigfifield See the article associated with this video at http://bgn.bz/vcms9 Subscribe to receive updates of the show at http://www.VisualContentMarketingShow.com Sign up for the free version of Circloscope here to manage your Google Plus Circles for your personal profile here http://www.Krishna.me/CircloscopeFree If you are looking to use Circloscope for your Company Page on Google Plus you will find the paid version at http://www.Krishna.me/circloscope

T4G - Circloscope has Launched! Building Your Engagement the Right Way

T4G - Circloscope has Launched! Building Your Engagement the Right Way

Circloscope Tutorial - Adding Followers from a Community to Your Google+ Circles

Tutorial on how to add followers to your Google+ circles from a Google+ Community using Circloscope.