Create And Market Video Courses That Sell On Udemy

**A few weeks ago I launched a free course at Udemy and fell in love with the platform. I don’t publish too many guest articles at SEOsmarty (as it’s more personal blog) but I couldn’t resist this perfect match: Rob Cubbon is BOTH valued user and Udemy expert, so I reached out to him and invited to teach us a lesson on how to market y ...Read the full article

Using Google Analytics To Track Your Udemy Course Traffic, Goals and Conversions

Using Google Analytics To Track Your Udemy Course Traffic Goals and Conversions. You need to set up a new property on Google analytics and get the tracking code. The video shows you what part of the tracking code you need to enter in to your you do me corses back and under third-party integration. The video also shows you how to set up the goal in Google analytics. For the purposes of tracking and usually course the goal is the success page when a student has successfully enrolled on the course. I also show you how to use the statistics in Google analytics to monitor where the traffic is coming from and which traffic sources result in the highest conversions. This helps you decision on which marketing avenues you should concentrate on. Here is a discount to take my course on Udemy that is featured in the video How To Make Money Running A Web Design Business: Join my Facebook Group: Personal Brand Building with Rob : My website Twitter Facebook Newsletters and free e-books