Help! I got robbed!

by Marco Moeschter
Help! I got robbed! I went with a few friends to the Baltic Sea this weekend to have something like a mini vacation.We do this every year 1-2 times for the last 16 years and it is always fantastic to catch up with mates and to enjoy the weather and sea. We don’t rent something we just sleep on the beach to have the full nature feeling (and a few beers of course ).Read the full article

Help!I got robbed!

Help!I got robbed! I went for a mini vacation over the weekend and got robbed over there. Luckily I just lost money, because you never know How such a things end. Watch the video where I tell you the whole story what happened and what I have learned from it. Get more Information about MOBE: Want more tips from Marco Moeschter? Visit my blog: Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more cool videos with tips and tricks: Add me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Help!I got robbed!