Is Nothing Sacred? Scammers Use Fake Facebook Tribute Pages to MH17 Victims

by David Cohen
Just when you think scammers have hit rock-bottom, they find a way to go even lower. Daily Mail reported that online scammers are attempting to drive traffic to websites promoting adult hook-ups and counterfeit drugs by using fake Facebook pages supposedly paying tribute to victims of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 (MH17), which was shot down over Ukraine last week.Read the full article

  • Facebook scammers prey on Aussie MH17 victims with fake tribute pages - 8 readers, 157 Tweets - The names and photos of Australian MH17 plane crash victims, including young Perth siblings Mo, Otis and Evie Maslin, are being exploited by online scammers who have set up fake Facebook tribute pages to drive traffic to a dodgy external website.