My Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog and Dominate Your Niche

This is a 9,000+ word guide on how to start a blog. Yep, that’s nine thousands words! Blogging still excites me so much and I absolutely love that I can roll out of bed and work from my couch or the local cafe instead of stressing out in an office. This massive article came about because I wanted to show new bloggers how I did it – all the steps to in one place that can be ...Read the full article

How to Start a Blog (A Blog Hosting Review and Guide)

BlueHost WordPress hosting: For a complete step by step guide on starting a blog (as mentioned in the video) go here: For more on why I recommend BlueHost as the best place to start your first WordPress blog you can read this article: One of the most common questions I get asked is how to set up a blog. Where do I start it so that I have the greatest chance of success? Should I use a free host or get my own? In this video I go through the basics of how to set up a blog properly and what you need to consider before diving in. If you have any questions about getting started feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I hope this video and the tutorials help to resolve some doubts for new bloggers!

Chris Ducker's new book can change your business forever.

I sit down with Chris Ducker to look at his new book and how massively I think it can change the businesses (and lives) of bloggers everywhere.

How to Send a Free eBook to Your Email Subscribers with Aweber Follow Ups and Wordpress

Get an Aweber account: Ever wondered how to automatically send a free eBook to someone when they subscribe to the email list on your blog or website? This video will show you exactly how to do it with Aweber's automatic Follow Ups and Wordpress. You can find out more or sign up for Aweber here: Giving away a free eBook is one of the best ways to get more email subscribers. And as we all know, the money is in the mailing list. The more subscribers you can get the more money you will be able to make over the months and years. This video shows you: - why you need Aweber - how to add an email subscription form to your Wordpress blog - how to set up a page where people can download the eBook - how to create an automatic follow up message to tell new subscribers where they can get their download You might also want to read: Why I Switched to Aweber for my Blog's Email List and Why You Should Too: