Jill Abramson’s media tour: Don’t call it a blitz

by Lucia Moses
For someone who is no longer in the media, Jill Abramson has been on quite the media tour. First there was her commencement speech at Wake Forest University in May, a week after her abrupt firing from The New York Times. In her speech, which was heavily covered by the media, she was defiant, talking about resilience and urging graduates to “show what you are made of.Read the full article

  • Fired NYTimes Editor: Gender Not 'The Whole Explanation'

    news.yahoo.com - 16 readers, 99 Tweets - Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson told Yahoo News Global Anchor Katie Couric on Thursday that she doesn’t believe she was abruptly fired last May solely because she is a woman.

  • What’s Jill Abramson Made Of?

    politico.com - 35 readers, 10 Tweets - The first thing one notices about Jill Abramson is her short stature. The second is her intensity. When she came to my home earlier this week to speak to an NGO crowd, she slipped off her shoes and stepped up on a footstool, perspiring but indefatigable. Wearing a sleeveless print dress, she showed off a green tattoo on each upper arm. “I got...