I Am Brand, Hear Me Roar: 5 Tips to Help Your Company Find its Sound

by Aliza Gans
Your brand just hired 20 cubicles worth of writers to concoct snappy statuses and Twitter witticisms, and there’s no doubt your brand has a “voice” on the page. But what does your brand actually sound like? According to Fast Company, 83 percent of the branded content we’re exposed to daily is visual, leaving 17 percent for the other five senses.Read the full article

Sound Branding - some samples

I think the idea of giving a sound to a brand is exciting so I made this short clip featuring some examples of sound brandings and audio logos. Please comment and rate.

EASY! McDonald's Theme Song - Piano

How to play the "I'm lovin' it" tone on the piano. McDonald's on the Piano in the key of G.

Close encounters of the third kind Landing

Scene from the movie Close encounters of the third kind(1977)

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