Why It Might Be Time to Completely Change Your Social Media Strategy

by Jay Baer
I recently delivered the closing keynote at the Social Fresh Conference in Orlando (the next Social Fresh – a conference I very much endorse – is in October in San Diego). My presentation was called “Shotguns Trump Rifles: Why Social Success is Now a Volume Play” and was one of most controversial talks I’ve ever given about social media strategy.Read the full article

Should Your Social Media Strategy Be MORE Content?

Jay Baer - Convince & Convert, Social Fresh EAST 2014 Conventional wisdom has been to carefully select brand participation avenues and social communication. But consumer behavior and engagement shifts have smashed those rules. A fast-paced treatise from Jay Baer will have you rethinking the foundation of your social program. Join us at the next Social Fresh, social media marketing conference: http://socialfreshconference.com