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by Matty Byloos
RGR Marketing HIgh Quality B2B Leads Online Videos on How Solar Power Works There is so much information on the Internet about so many things, including solar power and how solar works, much of it scholarly, well researched, and informative. But not everyone has vast amounts of time to dedicate to reading industry related articles, to stay up to date and in the know about ong ...Read the full article

Solar Leads by RGR Marketing

Solar power is the fastest growing source of renewable energy in America, powering more than 2.2 million homes and transforming neighborhoods nationwide. There were more solar systems installed in the U.S. in the last 18 months than in the previous 30 years combined! As the solar industry continues to grow, businesses need to reach new customers and educate prospects on the benefits
of solar power. How do you reach the consumers who qualify for solar and could
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How Solar Energy Panels Work

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How solar panels work

A simple and easy to understand animated video which explains how solar energy panels work. You can visit to find out more about the whole process. We install Solar Panels, Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps etc... Sponsored by Green Living. Video Animation by:

"How Solar Panel Works" This information is brought to you by Brayton Energy Canada. Brayton Energy was established in August 2008 and endeavors to advance the development of renewable and other forms of environmentally-responsible energy production with current effort in the following fields: • Utility-scale solar power plant • Gas-turbine based biomass conversion system • Gas-turbine/fuel cell hybrid power plant • Vehicular gas-turbine/hybrid electric systems • Novel heat exchanger for use in advanced nuclear power plants For more information like this or about Brayton Energy please visit

Solar energy / Solar photovoltaics / Photovoltaic effect (3D animation) This video puts the complexity of solar energy and solar cells into plain English.

How PV cells produce electricity

Watch this video to see how photovoltaic (solar) cells transform light energy into electrical energy.

Energy 101: Solar Power

Our animated correspondent, 'Little Lee Patrick Sullivan,' continues our "Energy 101" series with an inside look at solar-power technology. He breaks down the different types of solar devices and how they work, detailing the pros and cons of this renewable energy source.

How Does a Solar Cell Work?

The electronics of the solar cell is presented including the PN junction diode. The electrical model of the solar cell is presented along with the solar cell voltage versus current performance. A SPICE simulation is done on an electrical model of the solar cell.

Solar Cells Lecture 1: Introduction to Photovoltaics

This introduction to solar cells covers the basics of PN junctions, optical absorption, and IV characteristics. Performance metrics such as efficiency, short-circuit current, fill factor, and open-circuit voltage are discussed. Key technology options and economic considers are briefly introduced. on nanHUB: