Content Marketing Catchup: 8 Trends Tranforming B2B Marketing, The Science of Viral Content, and More Must-Read Stories

by Joe Lazauskas
Here’s what you missed while you were at the beach, trying in vain to convince your kid that digging a hole is more fun than playing Minesweeper. State of B2B Content Marketing: 8 Trends and Tactics Transforming the Industry Contently Associate Editor Jordan Teicherdives deep into the world of B2B marketing, writing about “The Muscles From Brussels” and seven other forces ch ...Read the full article

A Choir of Angels (Music Slowed 800%)

The Sounds of Angels Edit:6/02/2013 I had no Idea this would receive so many views. This was originally, Libera - Ave Maria(Caccini) - Tom Cully I slowed it down by 800% using the Paul Stretch Program provided here With every sound stretched sounds become different and profoundly beautiful. With this track it was already amazing and I thought I'd give it a try and it turned out great. Thanks for Listening!