Record, Edit, Publish

Record, edit and publish are 3 little words that can have a huge impact on the growth of your online reach. Now is the time to put your fears aside, swallow your pride, and do whatever it takes to put yourself in the right frame of mind to start making videos today! There is no better time than the present because the latest research from Compete Pro demonstrates that in the U.S.Read the full article

Start Making YouTube Videos Today

Don't put it off another day. Start Recording YouTube Videos Today. Let go of your fear of being in front of the camera. Stop making excuses, just let them go! Promote your blog, promote your small business or even your book. CLAIM YOUR FREE REPORT - 5 TOOLS I USE TO BUILD AN AUDIENCE ON YOUTUBE Add me to circles on Google+ Follow my Tweets 🎬 VIDEO TRANSCRIPT 🎥 0:00 Hey Guys, It's Ileane from Basic Blog Tips 0:03 Now my volume is a little different today because I'm not on my regular computer 0:07 But either way I'm still want to express to you 0:11 how important it is for you to be 0:14 doing YouTube videos to promote your business for your blog 0:19 or anything else that you want to 0:22 share with the world. It could even be your book. Don't be afraid to get in front 0:27 of the camera 0:28 But if you are - start off with screencasting, That's exactly the way I did 0:34 I never was in front of the camera for about the first two years 0:38 of recording videos on YouTube. It wasn't that I was afraid 0:42 it's just that I thought that my background didn't look all that great 0:47 or maybe I was having a bad hair day 0:51 But what I'm saying to you is put all that aside 0:55 get out there - start making videos 0:58 Post them on YouTube, you can put them on 1:02 on Daily Motion, Vimeo any of the other video sites 1:07 that you want to use. You can even try Wistia 1:11 If you don't start today 1:14 you'll never be comfortable getting in front of the camera 1:18 So I want you to give it a try you can even use the fifteen-second videos on 1:24 Instagram 1:25 6 second videos on Vine. 1:28 Just do it! That's all I wanted to say 1:32 and you guys take care. Peace!

Why LIVE Video Is Going To CRUSH Everything Else Online

This is totally exciting! I’m running my very first LIVE event for my YouTube channel next week! And to celebrate, I am giving away some incredible prizes! Trust me, it’s been a mammoth effort to try and do it from little old Australia where I live - our internet here is just so incredibly bad! And finally after about 2 years of struggling with it, I am ready! So, I am happy to announce that I will be hosting my very first public YouTube LIVE event next Tuesday at 7pm EDT (USA). Mark it in your calendar right now - it’s going to be epic - kinda like a season premiere… or something similar! So… just to be clear… this is not a webinar, or even a Google+ Hangout…! It’s an actual genuine LIVE event using YouTube’s “LIVE” feature… not many people even know about this. It’s kinda special. You’ll see… The topic? “Why LIVE Video Is Going To CRUSH Everything Else Online” Got a specific question about live video? You can go ahead and leave your comment in advance on this page already! For each intelligent, and valuable comment, you go into a random draw for winning one of the prizes. I’ll announce everything on the actual call. But you can already go to the page and leave your question or comment there. More info on this soon… And no, there won’t be a pitch or anything like that on the call. When you press the play button before the event starts, you should see a countdown timer for when the live event begins. This is seriously going to be EPIC, and I can’t wait to share my latest findings with you. I’ve been a bit quiet lately, but it’s because I’ve been knee deep in some serious experimentation and some other VERY exciting things. If this goes well, I might just run YouTube events on a regular basis… we’ll see. It all depends on how much you get involved really. Ok, go check it out now… Until then… Gideon Shalwick PS: Don’t forget to leave your intelligent comment (as in no silly, low value comments) already now to go into the random draw for some amazing prizes. More info on this soon… CONNECT WITH ME My Blog: Facebook: Twitter: MUSIC LICENCE Sometimes I use music from incompetech. Here is their licence: Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0