Champers and breakdancing: The tale of two book launches

Steve Sammartino holds court at his book launch. PIC: Josh Rowe I’ve been blessed and humbled to attend not one but two book launch events this past week (and no, I don’t work for a publisher – this is not a weekly occurrence for me!). Why “blessed and humbled”? Because both books have been written by good friends of mine; I’ve had the privilege over the journey of discussi ...Read the full article

The importance of being a 'social executive' with Dionne Kasian-Lew

Dionne Kasian-Lew is the author of new book - THE SOCIAL EXECUTIVE: How to master social media and why it's good for business. In this interview with the PR Warrior Trevor Young, Dionne busts long-held myths around social media, and explains why it's time for CEOs to rethink the context of why one would post content to Twitter.