How to Optimize Videos for Better Conversions

by George Mathew
Videos enable consumers to see a product more clearly and in action. As such, they tend to drive conversions better than text alone. In this article we are going to talk about the advantages of using videos for your site and provide you with a step-by-step plan backed with examples that shows you how to optimize videos for increased conversions.Read the full article

Crazy Egg Explainer Video

Crazy Egg is the heat map tool that shows why your visitors aren't converting. This video was hand-created with care by the folks at Demo Duck (

Find Your World

After losing his memory, a young man was faced with two choices. Going back to his old self OR exploring the unknown. Find out what he did instead! Shanky's journey will inspire you to stumble upon those missed dreams yourself!

Comic video strip for your business

To make one for you,or if you have any questions reach over to me at