Superconnecting to Massive Audiences

by Erin Ward
Ed. note: This post is part of our Content Strategy 200 series, which was inspired by Contently CCO Shane Snow’s upcoming innovation book, Smartcuts. Stay tuned for a series of webinars, e-books, and content strategy classes in the months to come. Want to engage your audience? The science of superconnecting may help.Read the full article

Superconnecting Massive Audiences

Contently's second in a series of content strategy webinars brought to you by Shane Snow. Each seminar is based on marketing principles from Shane's upcoming book, Smartcuts, and the latest research from the world of the Content Strategist.

This webinar, Superconnecting Massive Audiences, focuses on how to use the theory of superconnecting to catapult a brand's success. Relationship building and maintenance is an imperative part of content strategy that is often forgotten. Learn valuable ways to engage with your audience, accelerate success through industry influencers, and feed your brand's content generating machine.