Entity Mentions are Good: Brand Mentions are not the New Link Building

by Bill Slawski
A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about a new patent from Google that was the first Google patent granted to Navneet Panda as an inventor. The patent described a complicated way for Google to judge the quality of websites, and my post was titled Is this Really the Panda Patent?. Simon Penson wrote a followup post at Moz titled The Panda Patent: Brand Mentions Are the Futu ...Read the full article

  • Implied Links, Brand Mentions And The Future Of SEO Link Building

    forbes.com - 25 readers, 27 Tweets - Search engine optimization (SEO) has historically been a tricky game filled with speculation and increasingly abstract tactics to keep up with Google’s ever-more-sophisticated algorithmic changes. While Google always keeps the exact details of its updates under tight wraps, experts in the industry can make reasonable assumptions about the nature...