HTTPS as Ranking Signal Affects Content Sites Too

by Jennifer Slegg
With Google now giving secured sites a slight boost in the search algorithm – and with the potential for that boost to be turned up even more – there have been plenty of webmasters who own content sites who are confident that this doesn’t apply to them. But in actuality, content sites can definitely benefit from being secure, and Google is expecting all sites to go the HTTPS ...Read the full article

Google I/O 2014 - HTTPS Everywhere

Speaker(s): Ilya Grigorik, Pierre Far Description: Data delivered over an unencrypted channel is insecure, untrustworthy, and trivially intercepted. We must protect the security, privacy, and integrity of our users data. In this session we will take a hands-on tour of how to make your websites secure by default: the required technology, configuration and performance best practices, how to migrate your sites to HTTPS and make them user and search friendly, and more. Your users will thank you. Watch all Google I/O 2014 videos at: