Jim Beam Invites Fans to Help Craft Bourbon History in New “Single Barrel, Single Statement” Contest

by Jessica Gioglio
Ever wished you could have a special, one-of-a-kind bourbon bottle with your name and a personalized message? Thanks to Jim Beam, you may just get that chance. To commemorate the launch of Jim Beam® Single Barrel, the first-ever single barrel offering, the company is inviting U.S. fans to take part in the craft-making process with the “Single Barrel, Single Statement” Contest.Read the full article

Jim Beam® Single Barrel Single Statement Contest

To celebrate its first-ever single barrel bourbon, Jim Beam® has launched the Jim Beam® "Single Barrel, Single Statement" Contest. Meet some of the craftspeople behind this hand-crafted and hand-selected bourbon and learn how you can be part of the craft-making process. Visit http://JimBeamSingleStatement.com.